About Us

Hello everyone ! My name is Iryna Enevoldsen . I would like to tell you about me and a little story of how my company appeared. In the beginning I want to apologise for my English, this is not my native language. Almost two years ago, in the month of May 2017, I met my future husband, before him my life was a good but ordinary ! He already at that moment had his own firm, JNS, which sells Japanese knives and stones. For the development of the company and for himself, he visits Japan every year, the last year was no exception and we flew together. Since then, I have become fascinated by this country, its so pleasant people, so extraordinary culture, delicious food , incredible nature, and of course beautiful ceramics. When visiting cafes and restaurants and even ordinary houses, my attention was attracted to the dishes in which food was served. She was unusual, interesting,  elegant, simple and at the same time so amazing . We decided to buy some  for our home. At the moment we have almost all the dishes and just different decorations from Japanese ceramics. It is not just beautiful but also convenient for use. Every time when we had guests at home, they very much paid attention to the dishes and admired it. My husband and I always talked about Japan and the fact that practically all kinds of dishes of this kind are used there. I think this was the beginning, the impetus for the idea of ​​selling. I want to share this with everyone. Even when we were in Japan, we visited different markets, shops, museums with ceramics and just small workshops, which especially had interesting ceramic products. Here, a colleague of my husband from Japan and my husband decided to reproduce my dreams into reality, and began to help me with the beginning of In my opinion, Japanese ceramics are notable for their appearance, style, simplicity and elegance. Now a piece of Japan is always with us and I can share it with everyone!