Japanese Bizen-yaki Gold Leaf Sushi Plates

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Japanese Bizen Ware Oribe Glaze Leaf Sushi Plates


Bizen-yaki is a type of Japanese pottery. Which is originally from Bizen province.

Approx. measurements :


  • Sushi Plates set
  • Material: ceramics with glaze
  • Set includes: 1 Large plate: Height 30 mm x Length 254 mm x Width 182 mm
  • 5 small plates: Height 15 mm x Length 140 mm x Width 95 mm
  • Wight total: 883 g
  • This set Sushi Plates attracts attention for its unusual shape of the leaves and parts of glaze
  • Handmade Sushi Plates Set


Made in Japan 

All Pottery on sold as it is on Pictures so please look carefully on images