Misuzu Do-Nabe

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Do-Nabe by Misuzu.

      Misuzu Pottery  the founder is Shoko Yaki in 1940. Misuzu Pottery is working on making clay pots, as well as producing various products focused on various heat-resistant dishes.

Approx. measurements :


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Height 165 mm x Q 285
  • Wight total: 2950 g
  • Handmade 


  1. Please do not put directly on the table
  2. Please do not put in the refrigerator while the pot is hot
  3. When hot, please do not touch with bare hands 


    A Donabe for cooking healthy and lean dishes with fast cooking times which maintains natural flavors and textures. This  pot is the most attractive thing to simmer and eat the fresh ingredients in front of the visitors.


Made in Japan


All Pottery on sold as it is on Pictures so please look carefully on images